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213. Faith Meets Future: Transforming Education at Unity Grammar with Mariam Bernard

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we're venturing into the transformative world of education with Mariam Bernard, Deputy Principal of Secondary School at Unity Grammar in Australia. Unity Grammar, a co-educational Islamic school, is on an exciting journey of integrating Islamic values into its curriculum while focusing on future readiness and community integration.

Mariam, who has a unique background in science and industry, shares the school's ambitious mission to nurture future leaders with both foundational and emerging skills. We delve into the school's collaborative approach to redefining its mission and vision, emphasizing the importance of Islamic identity in modern education. From innovative STEM facilities to entrepreneurship days, Unity Grammar is reimagining how Islamic teachings can inspire and empower students.

Join us as Mariam discusses the post-COVID focus on educator empowerment, the challenges of transformation, and the importance of integrating the school with its surrounding ecosystem. Her insights offer a unique perspective on the power of education in shaping future pioneers, inspired by faith and driven by a passion for humanity's betterment.

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We unbox:

  • The transformative journey of Unity Grammar in integrating Islamic values with future-ready education.

  • Strategies for empowering educators and rebuilding teacher-student relationships post-COVID.

  • The challenges and rewards of simultaneous pedagogical and infrastructure transformations.

  • The role of community and ecosystem engagement in modern education.

  • The importance of self-efficacy and reflection in the personal and professional growth of educators.


Produced by NOVA Media


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