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217. Bridging Worlds: Inspire High’s Revolution in Global Learning with Ian Shimizu

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we're exploring the inspiring world of educational innovation with Ian Shimizu, the navigator at Inspire High, a pioneering edtech program based in Japan. Inspire High is revolutionizing the way teenagers connect with the world, offering interactive sessions with creative minds from diverse fields. It's about bringing real-life stories and experiences into the classroom, and Ian is at the forefront of this educational transformation.

Ian shares his journey with Inspire High, from its inception to its current state, discussing the challenges and triumphs of connecting students globally. We delve into the program's unique approach, which integrates interactive quizzes, guided conversations, and a platform for cross-school interaction. This episode is not just about what Inspire High does; it's about the broader vision of empowering students to realize their potential and make informed life choices.

Join us to hear Ian's insights on the future of education, the importance of real-world connections in learning, and the impact of programs like Inspire High on students and teachers alike. It's an enlightening conversation for anyone passionate about the future of education and the role technology plays in shaping it.

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We unbox:

  • The groundbreaking approach of Inspire High in connecting teenagers with global innovators for real-world learning experiences.

  • Ian Shimizu's journey and the evolution of Inspire High, reflecting his educational insights and aspirations.

  • The unique interactive learning methods and global connectivity fostered by Inspire High through its engaging educational platform.

  • The challenges and adaptive strategies in the evolving landscape of educational technology as experienced by Inspire High.

  • Strategies for empowering students and educators, highlighting the importance of student autonomy and adaptive learning environments.


Produced by NOVA Media


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