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218. Soaring Beyond Boundaries: How Aviation Is Transforming STEM Learning with Tiffany Nelson

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we have the pleasure of hosting Tiffany Nelson, the Director of Programs and Evaluation at Wings of Hope. Wings of Hope, a global humanitarian organization, has been utilizing aviation to impact vulnerable communities since 1962. Our main topic of discussion is their innovative SOAR into STEM program, which integrates aviation and STEM education to redefine educational and career pathways for students.

Tiffany shares the intriguing journey of Wings of Hope and the development of the SOAR into STEM program, highlighting its unique approach to addressing the shortage of young talent in aviation. We dive into the program's structure, content, and its focus on providing hands-on, practical learning experiences. The conversation reveals how the program covers various facets of aviation, including aerodynamics, airplane maintenance, and drone education, aimed at making aviation careers more accessible to students.

This episode also sheds light on the challenges and adaptations the program faced, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it continues to evolve to meet students' needs. Tiffany's insights provide valuable advice for educators on integrating real-world applications into STEM education and the importance of community partnerships in enhancing learning experiences. Join us to discover how Wings of Hope is shaping the future of aviation through education and what educators can learn from their model.

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We unbox:

  • The history and mission of Wings of Hope in global humanitarian efforts

  • The development and structure of the SOAR into STEM program

  • The significance of integrating aviation with STEM education

  • Overcoming challenges in the program, especially during the pandemic

  • Strategies for educators to implement real-world STEM applications

  • The role of partnerships and community in enhancing STEM education


Produced by NOVA Media


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