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223. The Learning Science of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood with Ryan Rydzewski and Gregg Behr

Fred Rogers was an incredible learning scientist before the term even existed. That’s the basis of Ryan Rydzewski’s and Gregg Behr’s new book, “When You Wonder, You're Learning: Mister Rogers' Enduring Lessons for Raising Creative, Curious, Caring Kids.” Today they join the show to share what they learned while writing the book.

Fred engineered every aspect of Mr. Rogers' neighborhood to help kids develop tools for learning. He combined familiarity with mystery to create a magical learning environment. He deeply listened to children through their letters to him, reflecting their stories back to them in his episodes. He taught kids to be curious about the world by starting with what they were familiar with in their own lives. Perhaps most importantly, he just kept showing up. Kids and adults knew that they could count on Mr. Rogers.

Ryan and Gregg share the research that now backs up Fred Roger’s teaching style. They also spotlight his emphasis on “neighborhood” and inclusion. If you’ve ever watched Mr. Rogers put on his sweater and tie his shoes, you’re going to love this episode.

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We unbox:

  • Research on curiosity and learning 

  • The role community plays in education

  • How Mr. Rogers’ took on big topics like race and disability


Produced by NOVA Media


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