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228. Systems Change in Kentucky with Rob Collins

How do you even begin to create systems change in education? Our guest today is Rob Collins. He manages the Innovative Learning Network in the Kentucky Department of Education. Rob gives us a peek into what systems change looks like right now for the state of Kentucky.  

We dive into the teaching initiatives that the Kentucky Department of Education is undertaking in this area. Rob tells us about how the Innovative Learning Network provides institutional support and learning opportunities for school leaders and teachers. For example the network has brought in PBLWorks, a community organization, to successfully train a third of Kentocuky teachers on project-based learning.

We also cover efforts to change assessment and accountability. For example, two districts in Kentucky now release accountability dashboards along with state test scores to show there’s more to education achievement than standardized exams. Also, at the state level, there’s now a Kentucky United We Learn Council that includes legislators in exploratory discussions.

Changing systems happens across different levels and through different dynamics. Rob’s stories are excellent examples we can all learn from as we try to change the education system around us.

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We unbox:

  • What diverse stakeholders want out of the education system

  • Providing organizational structure while encouraging free-form growth among leaders in education innovation 

  • The importance of connecting innovative educators so they don’t feel like they are on an island


Produced by NOVA Media


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