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56 | Learning in The Wilds & Resources for Homeschooling (When You Didn’t Expect to Be) | with

When our host Annalies grows up, she wants to be today’s guest: Emily Knapp, the conservation education coordinator at The Wilds, where she has access to a 10,000-acre classroom and facilitates some of the most amazing programs.

In addition to sharing how Emily educates and engages the community through The Wilds, she has a ton of fantastic advice for parents who are, to their surprise, currently homeschooling for the first time.

We unbox:

  1. The Wild’s homeschool program

  2. Emily’s advice for parents who are currently stuck at home and teaching their kids

  3. The flora and fauna that you’ll find at The Wilds

  4. The Wilds is built on reclaimed land from the AEP Foundation

  5. What activities are available at The Willds, for both kids and adults

  6. How kids learn through adventure at The Wilds

  7. The transformation that Emily sees in kids who participate in multi-day programs

  8. The Wild’s teen volunteer program, the OWL

  9. The value of learning how to talk to others, learning how to share a story

  10. 3 things you should know if you want to start a community-based educational program



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