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82 | Progressive Learning & Project Zero: Making Learning Visible | with Mara Krechevsky &

Our guests are Mara Krechevsky, a senior researcher from Project Zero, and Dr. Fred Burton, who has spent 44 years as an educator in progressive education, including 13 years as principal of Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School that made him a bit of a local legend in the Columbus area. This public school is known locally, regionally, and statewide as one of the gems in elementary education in the state, and at the PAST Foundation, we frequently hold it up as the exemplar of what we want to see happening in elementary schools.

We unbox:

  1. The origins of Project Zero (and why it keeps coming up on this show)

  2. How can we get teacher buy-in when you want to change how education is approached in your organization?

  3. Making learning visible

  4. What are the foundational components of progressive learning?

  5. How can we apply this in our classrooms? Our every day?



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