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84 | OnRamp: Helping Students Think About Solving Problems in a New Way | with OSU Students

And today, we’re going to talk to three students who either have participated in or are currently participating in OnRamp:

  1. Drew Mayerson, a fourth-year scholar student at Ohio State, who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through the Max Fisher College of Business and OnRamp graduate.

  2. Szofi Wiksell, a sophomore at the Ohio State University with a double major in marketing and public policy, who is currently in the middle of the program.

  3. David McGrath, who is currently studying finance at OSU and participated in the program a couple years ago.

We unbox:

  1. What makes the OnRamp program unique among other career and skill development programs

  2. The “fuzzy” side of innovation

  3. Collaboration in innovation

  4. What corporate partners are OnRamp students working with? What kinds of problems are they solving?

  5. Working with Honda R&D

  6. Why these corporate partners are seeking the perspective of students from different programs and backgrounds

  7. Adapting to COVID and participating in this program online

  8. The best solutions aren’t always the ones that consumers want

  9. What educators can do to prepare K-12 students for the collaborative environments they will see in college, in work, and beyond


  1. Learn more about OnRamp


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