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88 | Empowering Parents as Co Educators with Sabrina Walters and Lori Trent from Upper Arlington Cit

Learning through seeing, thinking, and wondering is the educational utopia we’re striving to achieve, and thanks to teachers like Sabrina Walters and parents like Lori Trent from Upper Arlington City School, we’re closer to making it a reality. 

These forward-thinking educators reveal how creating an active dialogue between parents, teachers, and students can revolutionize the learning process. Their holistic model builds on the notion that learning is best delivered from a dynamic pool of voices and perspectives. For Sabrina and Lori, true learning exists in constructive, shared conversations and not in top-to-bottom instructions from a teacher to a student. 

We unbox:

  1. How parents, students, and teachers can thoughtfully engage virtually 

  2. Creating an effective and equal eco-system with parents in the classroom 

  3. Changing our teaching and learning mindset. 

  4. The Chihuly Project 

  5. A nuanced process of learning through seeing, thinking, and wondering

  6. How adult ‘failure’ makes for better teachers

  7. Tips on how teachers can start delegating power to parents and students 


  1. Recreate the Dale Chihuly art project for your students:


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