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90 | Merging Arts, Science and Math at The Alabama School of Fine Arts with Tim Mitchell

With 85-95% scholarship rates for college — compared to the national average of 15% — it’s clear that their diverse student body is thriving. However, it’s the magic of marinating the world of STEM and STEAM together that makes this remarkable school stand out for us here at Learning Unboxed.

Creating synergy between science and arts is not only possible, it’s already happening! We hope this expansive conversation plants a seed of hope for our community looking to ignite more change within the archaic education system. 

We unbox:

  1. What makes ASFA so unique

  2. The similarities between  STEM and STEAM 

  3. ASFA’s school culture and emphasis on community 

  4. How other educational bodies can be inspired by their model 


  1. Learn more about ASFA:

  2. Follow:@asfaschool


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