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99 The Origins of PAST with Dennis Aig, Sheli Smith, and Andy Hall

Today we’re delving into PAST’s origin story with the founders who had the courage and vision to start this foundation with me twenty years ago. 

Dennis Aig, Sheli Smith, Andy Hall, and I take a walk down memory lane to reflect on how we set the stage for PAST to innovate, teach and succeed – despite the growing pains we all had to stomach along the way.  

We wouldn’t be here today without our incredible network that goes above and beyond the mission to move science from paper-to-people, and make world-class scientific research accessible everywhere.

We unbox:

  1. Our individual skillsets and background

  2. How we birthed PAST from a vision to reality 

  3. Memorable moments and lessons 

  4. Taking a leap of faith

  5. Read The Transcript


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