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A Brand New Type of Performance

A New Way to Look at Art, Poetry, Dance, and Music

Our friends at Shadowbox Live and the Columbus Museum of Art partnered to explore the concepts of meta-media performance.  We were so impressed we helped create a module to bring the concepts of this genre into schools.

The module is about choosing a relevant topic, finding 10 pieces of art that speak to that topic, and then adding music, storytelling, poetry, and dance to create a meta-media performance for each piece.  The combination of all the pieces creates a Gallery of Echoes.  For teachers and their students it is a unique gallery that represents YOU.

You can access the module, the poster that goes with the original performance, and links featured on YouTube to give you an idea of what the museum and theater group were able to do.

We hope you can use this module in your classroom – let us know how it goes!


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