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Bonus: Special Edition: Annalies Corbin – Hacking School Pt. 2

There’s a severe disconnect between the preparation of students coming out of K-12 education and career success. Though the founders of the PAST Foundation each came from diverse areas of science, they each found they were seeing the same problem in students and young employees who worked in their labs: As intelligent as they were, when it came down to rolling up their sleeves and working there were some key skills and understandings that were missing. That is largely because the K-12 education system was rooted in a 19th-century factory-based model—one that is now obsolete. We need a complete overhaul of the system—so what’s that going to look like? Let’s discuss it together.

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We unbox:

  1. Why our education system is failing us

  2. How the PAST Foundation is bringing education closer to reflecting real life

  3. The opportunity presented in wicked problems



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