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Bonus: Special Edition: Annalies Corbin – Hacking School Pt. 3

With a wicked problem in mind, choosing relevant issues tied to a school, a community partnership, technical apprenticeship, or continuing education reveals many paths that lead down numerous avenues of inquiry—all relating back to the issues at hand. Sustainability, world health, and local environments are larger issues with multiple facets, with the potential to generate years’ worth of projects for students. We can use this approach to create a new model for learning that increases the motivation of students, supports teachers’ professional development, and engages community industry partners. It would be a system that prepares students for the future and serves us all far better.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  1. The benefits of addressing local or current problems in education

  2. The extraordinary results that come from partnering industry experts with educators

  3. Creating a new, problem-based model of education and learning

  4. Recalibrating our education system to be relevant to the future


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