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Changing the Equation

Actionable Knowledge: Changing the Equation for Success in Educational Program Implementation

Congratulations! You were awarded a grant that will be a game-changer for your students.  What’s next? What do you need to effectively implement your grant? We’re the evaluators who will support your efforts from start to finish, providing real-time course correction and rich reporting. We’re the grant partners you need.

Building your team: If you ask any administrator or program manager about the best way to ensure successful grant implementation, they’d probably tell you one of the most important things is to have the right people on the team. People who are excited, committed, and willing to work collaboratively to ensure all phases of implementation meet program goals.

Why an evaluator makes a difference for successful implementation: If you ask a PAST Foundation program evaluator, successful implementation teams include the right kind of evaluation providing different types of support along the way. This means going beyond simply tracking project deliverables — a PAST evaluator can identify in-the-moment opportunities, opening up new possibilities during every phase of implementation to achieve excellence in changing the equation for quality of learning for students.

How actionable knowledge works: At the PAST Foundation, we’ve been involved with successful program implementation for almost 18 years. We work closely with our grant partners, adding an internal evaluator to the implementation team to support best strategies — including staying on track with project timelines, and providing regular updates with data on progress toward reaching project outcomes.

Benefits for the implementation team: In this approach each team member can concentrate their time and work on their specific grant program tasks, relying on the internal evaluator to keep the big picture in focus for the team as a whole, assuring the team can efficiently and effectively demonstrate the outcomes they are working to achieve.

How the PAST Foundation can ensure your project hits the mark: I am an evaluator — whether working to support teachers introducing change in their classroom best practices, or exploring new ways to engage students through STEM learning experiences, and more — my main focus is to support each team member from start to finish.  Evaluation is designed to give team members the ability to see measureable change during implementation and before the grant period ends. PAST evaluators help program team members ensure every opportunity is maximized toward hitting the mark and proving that implementation strategies are on target.

Follow the PAST Knowledge Capture blog: Learn more from PAST evaluators, Dr. Monica Hunter, Maria Green Cohen, and Kayla Galloway as they showcase 18 years of program evaluation in a range of projects that have made a difference for education leaders, classroom teachers, and students alike.  This is our passion — we are a team of expert evaluators dedicated to making every project an opportunity for growth and change on every level.  Bringing a PAST evaluator onto your implementation team is the key to success.


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