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Dig in Salem Makes News

MA school 3
MA school2

Calvin Mires, PAST Dir. of Bridge Programs, is in Salem, MA with a group of 15 students exploring a sunken ship. A recent article in The Salem News says in part:

“What’s exciting is that what we’re doing here — studying this wreck — is something that has never been done to this systematic extent,” said archaeology expert Dr. Calvin Mires. Any information we uncover is new, so the students learn, the state learns.”

PAST knows that experiential experiences like this transform how students learn.

“This was not what I expected the class to be, I thought it’d be all lectures, so I’m enjoying it,” said Samantha Knowles, a 22-year-old Salem State student from Topsfield. “It’s cool that it’s been on a public beach this whole time and there’s still so much left of it.”

Another student, Tom Derosier, 20, said that the wreck was everything he’d hoped for.

“When I first got a look at the wreck, it was that feeling of when you’re 6 years old and you walk into a toy store,” said Derosier. “I think I had more fun today than I ever had at Disney World.”

Great work, Calvin and team!


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