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Exploring the Gulf of Mexico with Dr. Sheli: First Day at Sea

Each day I will send back information of what I see and the questions I get asked or I am asking. But first the weather. I am sending a picture of the sea state, the wind direction (the Pelican is pointed N), and the sky so you can see what is going on today.  The ROV can only launch in seas less than 4 ft.  So looking at the weather in the Gulf of Mexico in on the Continental Shelf will there be a time this week when we won’t be able to launch the ROV?

I will continue to upload images throughout the day.  We’ve already done the water column sampling this morning and are about to launch the ROV.  So, I need to zip out onto the deck and catch some images for you.

A Math Question from Mr. Steve

I have a math question…how much longer would it take to get to your destination if you were sailing against the wind? What if you were sailing with the wind?   How does the speed of wind effect the time it takes to reach a destination?

And Dr. Sheli says….

Great question and bye the way the wind and seas are picking up.   We had a mixed trading day.  But that is always true when you first begin to apply all your plans.  There was lots of modification today.  We worked all day yesterday to get the Sonar to speak to the ROV and the computers in the command station above water.  Finally, late last night we got the computers to talk to one another.  

Early this morning the biologists launched and retrieved the water sampling Rosetta.  I’ve included some pictures. The Rosetta analyzes the water and water column for chemical parameters such as, temperature, pressure, pH and conductivity.  Sampling occurs at various depths and then is retrieved and analyzed.


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