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Exploring the Gulf with Dr. Sheli: Day Six – Three sites down, two to go

wind direction

A little math for today.  Last night we left the U-166 site and headed on a bearing of 50°  It took us 4 hours to get to the next site.

Using Sonar to Define Wrecks


Mica is a small wooden vessel only 65ft long and 22 ft wide.  The stem is a smooth, spoon shape reminiscent of Cat boats in the Caribbean.  The lower hull was sheathed in copper and we found that her planking was just about 1 inch thick.  For those who 

want to read more on the Mica Wreck see  by Toby Jones.

#DeepwaterArchaeology #DeepwaterHorizonOilSpill #GulfofMexico

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