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Is Homeschool The New Norm?

Is Homeschool The New Norm? With schools shut down unexpectedly nationwide – globally – Home School has quickly become the new norm. This spring many families found themselves as defacto teachers, while trying to work from home and manage their families. It was heavy lift for all of us. But now what? School’s out – summer is upon us. But camps, parks and rec centers, and such may still be shut down — what!! Don’t despair. Today we chat with Stephanie Riley, a mom in Portsmouth, Virginia who has chosen to home school her four kids, aged 12 to 2. Stephanie shares her trials and triumphs and some useful advice on the transition to Home Schooling in this podcast, Is homeschool the new norm. So bring on the summer; You mean more working, learning, playing…. Take a deep breath, and learn a few valuable lessons from a seasoned Home School mom.


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