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OSU Forensics Day 4

“Today was by far the best day of the program yet, although we are still in the first week! Today was spent off campus at the PAST Foundation. In the morning session, we worked with an OSU Police Officer learning about Crime Scene Investigation and the correct methods to use while being the first responder. This is so important because while police officers receive training, it is important for them to follow the procedure as much as possible so that crime scene investigators can do their jobs to the best of their ability. In the afternoon we got to see the indoor crime scene for the first time! We did a initial walk around the outside of the building taking pictures of the scene and its surroundings. Then we got to go inside, documenting in our notebooks what we were seeing, and taking photos of the important pieces of evidence. I found that it was best to do an initial walk around, looking at all the different rooms of the crime scene, then do a second walk through each room documenting what was important. We learned that it is important to document everything as efficiently as possible because you can only get so much time at one crime scene. Today was a great first experience into what it is like to be a first responder to a scene. “

Chelsea E. – Participant

“Captain David Rose gave us a wonderfully detailed explanation of the steps necessary to process a crime scene. Some of the previous classes that I’ve taken have given general ideas of what should be done at a crime scene, but that doesn’t hold a flame to what we did today. This course is exactly what I was hoping for. Working the indoor scene today was pretty intense, there was a lot of information to absorb and apply. I reallydig the sink or swim approach; I find it to be the best way to really test your knowledge and skill level. After reviewing my notes from today, I notice that my detailing could use some fine tuning. The excitement of the first time experience made it a bit overwhelming to try to discern exactly what evidence to highlight and what to simply document. I look forward to seeing my progression through the notebook as my comfort level increases.​”

Beth R. – Participant

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