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PAST Foundation’s Maria Green Cohen to Expand Role

The PAST Foundation is excited to announce the expansion of Maria Green Cohen’s role as PAST’s Impact Officer. On the Leadership Team, Maria oversees compliance with the PAST project management process and procedures, as well as managing grant opportunities for PAST. In her role as Impact Officer, Cohen tracks grants, projects, contracts, proposals, and reporting.  She is responsible for quality control and quality assurance for delivered services.

Maria first joined the PAST Foundation in 2007 as a member of the research team of ethnographers conducting PAST’s first STEM program study of the Metro Early College High School and went on to lead multiple research projects and contributed to nearly sixty PAST Foundation publications. Over the course of her work with PAST, Maria has held both administrative and research positions.  With her commitment to equity in education and a love of spreadsheets, Maria has transitioned from her role of providing STEM program evaluation to overseeing project administration for PAST.  Her training as an ethnographer, and experience as an attorney and editor, helped hone the communication and organizational skills essential to her role as Impact Officer for PAST. 

Read more about Maria and the rest of the PAST staff HERE.


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