Meet Our Staff

The Tribe

Pam Andrews

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO/HR Representative
Executive Wrangler

Fatima Bainazar

STEM Innovator/Learning Unboxed Coordinator
Engineering Imp

Andrew Bruening, Ph.D.

Program Innovations Officer
The Fabricator

Jim Bruner

Project Manager
Sultan of Systems

Maria Green Cohen, M.A., J.D.

Impact Officer
Curator of Compliance

Annalies Corbin, Ph.D.

President & CEO
Chief Goddess

Javier Cruz

Graphic Design & Video Production Engineer
Digital Auteur

Kayla Galloway

Senior Research Associate
Culture Detective

Jessa Goldner

Student Experiences Instructor/Research Assistant
Explorer Extraordinaire

Audrey Heyrosa

Graphics Intern
Joan of Art

Nia Johnson

Student Experience Instructor

Abshiro Kera

PAST-Metro Intern
Prime Minister Pediatrician

Steve Martindale, CPA


Ashley Price

Director of Student Experiences
Khaleesi of Curiosity

Marcy Raymond

Strategy Officer
Bridge Builder

Alyssa Reder

STEM Program Coordinator
Baroness of Balance

Jeff Schneider

Teaching & Learning Innovator
Digital Desperado

Mary Schneider

Director Central OH STEM Action Center
Queen of Queries

Aaron Sheldon

Social Media Coordinator
Surreal Socializer

Mandy McCormick Smith, Ph.D.

Director of Research
Wizard of Wonder

Nikki Stancampiano

Workforce Development Coordinator
Workforce Warrior

Caden Stiffler

Administrative Assistant
Duke of Diversity

Lori Trent

Communications & Development Guru
Renegade of Convention

Kathy D. Wright, EMBA, M.Ed.

STEM Coach

Shaun Yoder

Managing Partner - Joint Venture of the PAST Foundation and StartSOLE
Captain of Co-Design