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Press Release October 4, 2017

For Immediate Release: October 4, 2107

Media Contact: Lori Trent, Business Innovations & Marketing Manager

PAST & EWI Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

(Columbus, OH) – STEM Education & the Future of Manufacturing Friday, October 6, 4-5PM, PAST Foundation (1003 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212) EWI and the PAST Foundation have joined forces to help educate area students on STEM education and careers, as well as exciting new developments in STEM fields. Nick Garcia, senior designer at Rogue Fitness, will be present to discuss how manufacturing has helped shaped Rogue’s Crossfit empire. Chris Brandon, Director of Strategic Partnerships at PAST, will share information about PAST’s work in additive manufacturing. EWI employees will also attend the event to discuss their respective paths to engineering and manufacturing, their educational experiences, and what that education has allowed them to do in their careers that has affected companies not just in Ohio, but nationwide and worldwide.

About EWI EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry. Since 1984, EWI has provided applied research, manufacturing support, and strategic services to leaders in the aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical, energy and chemical, government, and heavy manufacturing industries. By matching EWI expertise in materials joining, forming, testing, and modeling to the needs of forward- thinking manufacturers, practical, efficient, and effective solutions in product design, fabrication, and production are successfully created. EWI (Columbus, OH) also operates Buffalo Manufacturing Works (Buffalo, NY) and EWI Colorado (Loveland, CO).

About PAST For over 17 years, PAST, a non-profit foundation, has been a leader in designing STEM education across the nation, bringing transdisciplinary problem-based learning to educators and experiential programs to students. Most notably, PAST was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for its Excellence in Innovation in the STEM 2026 vision report. PAST was the only educational entity in Ohio to be included in this publication (full report).

PAST was also recognized in 2014, by CGI America and former President Bill Clinton for their outstanding work, and again in 2015 for their achievements in improving STEM education in rural America. In 2015, the PAST Innovation Lab was recognized by the White House Summit on High School Design.

For more information on PAST Foundation and how you can link learning to life, visit or contact Lori Trent at


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