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Students Work on Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle

by Jennifer Noblit, ThisWeek News

Marine archaeologist Rob Church has been to Venezuela, the coast of Africa and Brazil for his work. His latest stop was Coffman High School where he talked to students about remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs, to give them a few tips about an upcoming project.

Coffman High School students in the Principals of Engineering course and Metro High School students participating in an engineering early college experience will work in teams to create their own ROVs over the course of the school year.The students currently attend class together at Coffman High School and are taught by Coffman teacher Greg King and Andy Bruening from Metro High School. The course is in its fourth year.

“We’ll have teams of four students build ROVs in the fall so they can drive them and then in the spring we’ll add to the challenge to take samples and map the floor of the COSI dive tank,” Bruening said. The challenge to build an ROV comes from COSI and is open to all high school and college students in central Ohio.“The teams will compete against each other and Greg and I,” Bruening said. “We want to build one too.The world of a marine archaeologist is small and Church is a friend of colleagues at the PAST Innovation Lab in Columbus.PAST is partnering with COSI on the underwater ROV challenge.MORE


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