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Take the Deflate-gate Challenge

Jeff Schneider is bringing football to the classroom with a challenge to resolve a real-life controversy: Deflate-gate. Here’s the challenge Jeff’s students are working on, and a few photos of their process.  We hope you bring this to your students, too – we’d love to hear their stories!

DeflateGate Challenge

The New England Patriots has been in the news lately for having 11 of their allotted 12 balls deflated by two pounds per square inch. Some say that is not a significant issue. Others say it is a MAJOR difference!

Design & conduct an experiment to prove how much difference a deflated ball makes in the passing game.

Each student must submit his or her own work, questions, answers, explanations, and narratives. You may work together to gather data, but must submit your own work.


1 properly inflated football

1 underinflated football

Measuring device

Optional- Camera (video preferred)


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