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The Evolution of PAST Foundation

Phase II of the PAST Innovation Lab

In the 22 years PAST Foundation has been in existence, adaptation, innovation, and evolution have been central to our mission of linking learning to life. Here is a brief perspective on the progression of our physical space and an opportunity to talk about where our innovation is headed.

The Evolution of PAST Foundation

PAST Foundation has undergone four major expansion and evolutionary stages in these 22 years. In general, there have been four major evolutions of the PAST Foundation.

  1. PAST 1.0: PAST Foundation offered field opportunities to high school and college students in partnership with archaeology and anthropology experts.

  2. PAST 2.0: PAST Foundation became embedded in Ohio’s first designated STEM School, Metro Early College High School, with PAST staff guiding their programming and research as well as in sites across multiple states.

  3. PAST 3.0: PAST Foundation moves to 1003 Kinnear Road in Columbus, Ohio and begins offering immersive camps to students, professional development for teachers and schools, expands work in other states, and also founds the PAST Innovation Lab comprised of the four initial Learning Labs – Bodies, Growth, Energy, & Design.

  4. PAST 4.0: PAST expands the PAST Innovation Lab, adding three additional Learning Labs – Digital, Maker, & Launch – greatly expanded summer programming, after school programs, and workforce development opportunities, and amplified the work with Business and Industry partners as well as communities and legislative groups.

PAST Foundation is committed to Access Through Innovation and Linking Learning to Life for every person we have the privilege of connecting with. How will PAST Foundation impact you and your classroom? Your school and your district? Your community and local businesses? And how does PAST impact you on a state or national level? Get in contact with us and let’s get started today!

PAST Embedded at Metro

PAST Rents 1003 Kinnear Road

PAST Renovates Kinnear Road

The original Fab Lab

PAST begins Professional Development

Working through the renovations

PAST purchases the building

Complete renovation of the space

Building the learning labs

The treasure in the vault!

The PAST Innovation Lab

Empowering workforce pathways

Connect With Us!


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