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PAST Foundation Recognized For Excellence In Innovation

October 13, 2016

U.S Department of Education just released its latest vision for STEM education.  STEM 2026 features exciting new trends on the educational horizon. The report summarizes a collaborative series of USDOE Office of Innovation and Improvement and American Institutes for Research (AIR) sponsored workshops. The workshops were attended by experts and thought leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teaching and learning who shared their ideas and recommendations for an innovative future of STEM education.

PAST Foundation was recognized for their “Flexible and Inclusive Learning Spaces” as well as PAST’s ability to draw on technology to expand access to high-quality STEM education, particularly in rural communities. “By utilizing tools like our Hybrid Teaching Model, problem-based learning, and real-world applied education, PAST blends culture and education to better meet the need of today’s students, “ said Annalies Corbin, PhD – PAST’s President & CEO. PAST’s programs deliver meaningful education to students – while exposing them to career pathways and igniting their passions.

Excited to have the PAST Innovation Lab and the Hybrid program recognized, PAST proudly joins the more than 40 organizations from across the US featured in STEM 2026.  The full report is offered as a free download here.

A critical component of the PAST Innovation Lab’s Hybrid Teaching Model was the use of a double bot, provided by Double Robotics ( ). This integral piece of technology along with a Swivl C-Series Robot ( allowed three educators to collaboratively teach multiple content areas – science, math and language arts, simultaneously. “We truly do appreciate the research done by organizations like PAST as it’s vital in showing school districts and higher education how they can shape their future curriculum with technology and blended classrooms,” said Jody Flournoy, Account Executive for Double Robotics.

PAST’s Innovation Lab is an educational R & D prototyping facility, located in Columbus, Ohio.  PAST partners with K12 schools, post-secondary institutions, as well as industry and community partners, designing and researching new and innovative programs that deliver rigorous and relevant education.  PAST’s immersive student programs include the Hybrid Teaching Model and Learning Labs that blur the line between coursework and workforce development alongside informal bridge programs that accelerate STEM experiences after and out of school. PAST professional development works with administrators and teachers providing effective tools and training for transforming education, bringing transdisciplinary problem-based learning into classrooms.  Integrated into all PAST programs is evidence-based research that continuously informs design and prototyping.

For over 16 years, PAST, a non-profit foundation, has been a leader in designing STEM education across the nation, bringing transdisciplinary problem-based learning to educators and experiential programs to students. In 2014, PAST was recognized at CGI America by former President Bill Clinton for their outstanding work, and again in 2015 for their achievements in improving education in rural America. Also in 2015, the PAST Innovation Lab was recognized by the White House Summit on High School Design.

For more information on PAST Foundation and how you can connect to linking learning to life, visit or contact Lori Trent, Business Innovations Manager, at

Download the report here.


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