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We are a hub for innovation. We connect education, industry and diverse communities to problem solve for the future of work and inspire life-long learning.

A note from PAST President & CEO

Join us on the journey as we help you link learning to life!

Twenty years ago, two anthropologists, a documentary film maker, a graphic designer, a historian, along with an international team of research scientists launched the PAST Foundation.

By Partnering Anthropology with Science and Technology, we invite the world to design, construct, and engage in experiences that link learning to life. To date, over 2.1 Million students, more than 20,000 educators, participating in 596 Programs at over 120 locations and working and collaborating with well over 300 business and industry partners and 1,000 school districts have all been influenced by our work and yet, with all we’ve accomplished, we feel there is so much more to do.

Today, more than ever before, real-world learning impacts every aspect of our planet. We offer free webinars, innovative and culturally relevant programs for students, educators, and communities, in addition to program evaluation. PAST programs are founded on years of research and iterative design. We’re excited for what the next twenty years will bring. Join us on the journey as we help you link learning to life!

Learning Unboxed

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Our Services

PAST Offers a variety of services for Educators, Students, and the Community!

  • Student Experiences

    We offer a variety of engaging student programs to provide opportunities for real world application of skills and knowledge. We can work with you to develop innovative and tailored design challenges and programming for applied learning.

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  • Professional Learning Experiences

    PAST works collaboratively with educators, administrators, and businesses and industry to co-create innovative strategies designed to give real meaning to educational content.

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  • Research

    We evaluate your programs to measure impact and outcomes. We work with you to help you stay on track and to meet your program goals.

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