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The Tribe

Brianna Agomessou

Portable Innovation Labs Coordinator

(Investigator of Intellect)

Pam Andrews

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

(Executive Wrangler)

Jocelyn Browning

STEM Coordinator

(Insightful Innovator)

Andrew Bruening, Ph.D.

Program Innovations Officer

(The Fabricator)

Maria Green Cohen, M.A., J.D.

Impact Officer

(The Reporter)

Annalies Corbin, Ph.D.

President & CEO

(Chief Goddess)

Javier Cruz

Digital Storyteller

(Digital Auteur)

Cassie Davis

Research Assistant

(Fact Forager)

Kayla Galloway

Senior Research Associate

(Culture Detective)

Jessa Goldner

Assistant Director of Student Experiences

(Explorer Extraordinaire)

Kelleigh Huey

STEM Experience Instructor

(Academic Alchemist)

Steve Martindale, CPA


Rubi Martinez

Administrative Assistant

(Minister of Maximization)

Lane Fargher Navarro, Ph.D.

Director of Research

(Quæsitor Magnus)

Janetta Pickens

Office administrator & HR representative

(Connection Catalyst )

Ashley Price

Director of Student Experiences

(Khaleesi of Curiosity)

Marcy Raymond

Strategy Officer

(Bridge Builder)

Alyssa Reder

STEM Program Coordinator

(Baroness of Balance)

Daijah Robinson

Student Experiences Coordinator

(Botanical Maverick)

Jeff Schneider

Teaching & Learning Innovator

(Digital Desperado)

Mary Schneider

Director Central OH STEM Action Center

(Queen of Queries)

Nikki Stancampiano

Workforce Development Coordinator

(Workforce Warrior)

Lori Trent

Communications & Development Guru

(Renegade of Convention)

Kathy D. Wright, EMBA, M.Ed.

Director of Educator Experiences


Meet Our Staff

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