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Richard D. Rosen, Ed.D. - Chair

Indigo Strategies | Executive Director

Lisa G. Swartzwelder - Vice Chair

Bath & Body Works | Shuttle Operations & Flight

Ram Sastry - Treasurer

Accenture | Director

Jasmine de Gaia - Secretary

Wells Fargo | Head of Customer Data Strategy

Board Executive Committee

Dennis Aig, Ph.D.

Montana State University | Professor & School Director, School of Film

Nick D'Angelo

Eaton | Manager Public Affairs

Michael Dennis

CAS - Div of Am Chem Society | Vice President

Holly Gross

Benesch Attorneys At Law | Attorney

Wes Hall

Battelle | Senior Vice President of Philanthropy & Education

Sarah E. Holland, Ph.D.

Marine Archaeologist Gray & Pape, Inc.

Chris Johnson

American Electric Power | Enterprise & Innovation

Gustav Witthöft

JP Morgan Chase & Co. | Product Owner for Customer Identity and Authentication

Carrie Yang

Marsh Cyber Practice | Senior Vice President


Terri S. Erdman

The Ohio State University | Retired NNP - EPIC Trainer

Judge Teresa Liston

Ohio Municipal Judge | Retired

Michael O’Sullivan

Ohio Health Foundation | Retired VP & Chief Development Officer

Paul Reeder

The Ohio State University | Ex Director, Center for Innovation Strategies

Sandra Stroot, Ph.D.

The Ohio State University | Faculty Emeritus, Dept of Human Services

Trustees Emeritus

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